5 Popular Drug Kings Slick From Law Enforcers

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In 2019, the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency (BNN) successfully described 98 narcotics partnership networks, 84 narcotics dealers were arrested by BNN.

Share information DPRD Party on Drugs with LC From the BNN as taken from the BNN page, there are 84 networks consisting of 27 global drug sharing networks, 38 national or current networks and 19 drug sharing networks that link the referral community or detainees who function as the brains of the network in 14 Socialization Agency (LP).

Drug distribution from the past until now is a problem that has no end. However, Bandar and drug dealers must be ready to receive the death penalty. However, this fact does not become an obstacle for Bandar and narcotics dealers in carrying out their reckless behavior. Next is a line of nicknames for narcotics problem kingpins who are diagnosed with death penalty in Indonesia.

Freddy Budiman, Death Convict in Drug Cases

Freddy Budiman, sentenced to death for drug cases

Freddy Berakal was sentenced to death by the jury of the West Jakarta State Law Enforcement Agency for importing 1,412,476 ecstasy seeds from China in May 2012. This drug lord from East Java was arrested in 2009 for possessing 500 grams of methamphetamine. . At that time Freddy was diagnosed with 3 years and 4 months in prison. Then in 2011, Freddy was found in possession of hundreds of grams of methamphetamine and ecstasy-creating material.

Drug Problems From the Ferry Budiman Case

He was also a prisoner for 18 years for drug problems in Sumatra and spent his time in prison at Cipinang Prison. In 2012, even in prison, Freddy caused an uproar because he was found to have imported 1.4 million ecstasy seeds. This taboo capsule was sent from China on April 28, 2012 and arrived at Tanjung Priok Pier, Jakarta, on May 8, 2012. Ecstasy is wrapped in 12 boxes of Chinese tea packets of chocolate. If the package passes, it is predicted that he will earn more than Rp45 billion in profit.

After the problems at the Cipinang Prison, the man born in 1976 was transferred to the Gunung Sindur Prison, Bogor. Until the conclusion was transferred to the Nusakambangan Prison which was the last prison in his life. Taken from the Indonesian Online News on July 29, 2016, Freddy concluded that he died through the hot lead of the shooter in the implementation of part III of the execution at Nusakambangan Prison, Cilacap, Central Java.

Not only the drug problem, Freddy Berkal also caused an uproar because of his proximity to the charming women who often visited him in prison. One of them is in the form of the old magazine Anggita Extract. Freddy and Anggita’s special bond was highlighted by the mass media in 2012.

Wife of Drug Dealer Meirika Franola Diagnosed Dead

Drug dealer's wife Meirika Franola diagnosed dead

The initial problem with Meirika Franola or who is known as Ola occurred in 2005 due to the smokel infiltration of 3.5 kilograms of heroin from Indonesia to England via Soekarno-Hatta Airport on January 12, 2000. The woman who is free to be named the wife of a drug dealer, almost graduated from the death sentence, after The 6th Head of State of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) at that time distributed pardons to him on September 26, 2011, then, through Presidential Decree No. 35 of 2011 from death penalty to living old age reward.

The former chairman of the Constitutional Council, Jimly Asshiddiqie, illuminated the granting of the pardon.” I suggest that drug convicts and corruptors should not be handed over at this time, but for forgiveness in another way,” said Jimly Asshiddiqie in Jakarta, as quoted by Media Berita on November 20, 2012 Berita Media Online. Jimly’s opinion is not without an alibi, because the Narcotics Dealer’s wife was arrested again for distributing drugs from within the Tangerang Women’s Prison.

Who would have thought that Ola still had the authority to regulate narcotics from behind bars. The behavior of narcotics infiltration smokel was exposed when the West Java Provincial National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) arrested a courier named NA (40) at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung on October 4, 2012. During the detention, West Java BNNP officers and Banderol and Bea suffered 775 grams of methamphetamine in the NA bag. Ola is predicted to be the mastermind in the 775 gram methamphetamine infiltration smokel from India. Ola was also brought back to the Tangerang District Court.

However, the Tangerang District Court sentenced Ola to zero on March 2, 2015. Unable to do so by the jury’s decision, Beskal filed a suit. This decision was upheld by the Banten Grand Legal Council (PT) on June 18, 2015. The judiciary has always sentenced Ola to nil. Not submitting to the ruling, Beskal then cited legal action by submitting an appeal to the Supreme Court. Until the conclusion, the Supreme Court passed the pressure on supplies.”

Passed the ordinary plaintiff’s cassation to Meirika Franola, another name Ola Als Tania, another name is Francisca Cunbe, another name is Rika Safitri,” as quoted from the official page of the Supreme Council, Wednesday 2 December 2015. The death verdict for Ola was announced on 24 November 2015.” Passed the Beskal appeal, handed down the death penalty,” said the Supreme Court’s speech expert, the grand jury Suhadi. However, according to the Daily Online News, the execution of Ola has not yet been attempted.

Drug dealer from Malaysia to Aceh Faisal and his wife sentenced to death

drug dealer from malaysia to aceh faisal and his wife sentenced to death

Faisal Nur was sentenced to death by the Idi State Legal Assembly (PN), Aceh for controlling the infiltration of 20 kilograms of narcotics from Malaysia to Aceh. While waiting for the execution, Faisal stayed in the Pekanbaru prison. Recently, shocking news arrived from Faisal’s wife, Murziyanti. The 42-year-old woman was also sentenced to death for being proven to be a broker for her husband with the methamphetamine mafia network. Taken from the PN Idi Decree from the official website, initially Faisal was the guardian of Scroll C Room 10C of the Pekanbaru Penitentiary.

He was sentenced to 18 years in prison for drug dealing in 2015. In mid-2019, Murziyanti called her husband who was in prison with questions about the concept of smokel infiltration of methamphetamine from Malaysia to Indonesia. Faisal confirmed his wife’s concept and arranged a strategy so that narcotics could pass to the Daily News Media. Shipping via sea expedition and tried in a chain way. This herd was secured when the BNN team sniffed it on the Iskandar Belia route, Aceh. After that, the methamphetamine mafia agency was tried separately, including Faisal’s wife, Murziyanti.”

Reported the suspect Murziyanti Binti Zainal Abidin Alm. als Mother is legally tested and found guilty of committing a crime of offering for sale, selling, buying, as an intermediary in buying and selling, changing, giving or receiving Narcotics Group I (one) non-plant weighing more than 5 (5) grams. Imposing a crime against the suspect Murziyanti Binti Zainal Abidin Alm. als Mother with the Crime of Death,” said the agency chaired by Apri Yanti, quoted on the official page of the PN Idi.

Leaning as the bodies of Khalid and Asra Saputra. The agency reports that Muzriyanti’s position is in power and can be categorized as an important actor and added to the number of objects of methamphetamine in tens of kilograms with the effect that if the meth is used it will disturb many Indonesian forces.” The jury considered that the maximum crime sentence for the death penalty had been imposed on the suspect.

Therefore, the advocacy of the suspect’s online news media and the suspect’s legal advocate so that the suspect is not sentenced to death must be put aside,” said Apri at a conference on June 17, 2020. The agency considers that the burdensome thing is that Muzriyanti’s actions are very contrary to the government’s program in eradicating narcotics. Especially at this time, Indonesia is in an emergency situation with narcotics, which can kill the nation’s army.” There are no easy conditions,” said the agency.

Amir Aco, International Class Drug Controller

amir aco international class drug controller

Amir Aco is known as a slick drug dealer and often regulates the distribution of drugs from within the Makassar Category I LP. This drug-related death prisoner is waiting for the duration of his execution while managing the distribution of drugs in South Sulawesi. The last problem, he was caught ordering ecstasy from the Netherlands in November 2017. The illegal object from outside the country was ordered by his accomplice, Andi Sandra Puspa Bidadari.

The package containing 989 ecstasy seeds was delivered by the Indonesian State Law Enforcement Agency (Pos Indonesia) and was obtained directly by Andi. Moreover, the South Sulawesi Police revealed the participation of Amir Aco’s mother, Supiati Daeng Kanang, who was 72 years old at the time, in spreading drugs in Makassar. Taken from the News Media, Amir Aco has a bad memo about narcotics problems. He was diagnosed with guilt 3 times with a total sentence of 32 years in prison. At the last conference, he passed the death penalty push by the prosecutor’s office.

Amir Aco escaped from prison in mid-November 2014. He did the escape with a fellow incarcerated cell named Rustam Efendi, a prisoner with uniform problems. Amir Aco’s escape ended at the hands of the police in Makassar. The police arrested Amir Aco with a man and 2 women at an inn in Makassar on January 17 2015, early in the morning. As a result of Amir Aco’s detention, 1.2 kg of methamphetamine was found along with 4, 188 ecstasy seeds or facts worth Rp. 3.7 billion, as well as cash of Rp. 8.6 million.

From that problem, Amir Aco was diagnosed with death penalty by the Makassar State Legal Council. After being diagnosed with drug problems, Amir Aco was again arrested for distributing methamphetamine inside the Makassar Class 1 Prisoners’ Home (Rutan) on November 9, 2015. When interrogated, he admitted that the object was ordered by his superior from behind bars in Nusakambangan.

Rico Patikasih, the leader of a narcotics syndicate in Berlin who died at the hands of the police

Rico Patikasih, the leader of a narcotics syndicate in Berlin, who died at the hands of the police

Rico Patikasih’s life ended in the hands of the Indonesian state law enforcement police after being shot dead during detention on January 22, 2016. Initially, Berlan’s narcotics partner boss attacked the police in Matraman, East Jakarta, until he died. Taken from the news media, the incident occurred when the Narcotics Section of the Senen Police raided the house of a suspected “trafficking” drug dealer on the Slamet Riyadi route, Matraman, East Jakarta, Monday, January 18 2016, near 15.30 WIT.

The Narcotics Department was actually attacked by several people who tried to prevent the drug dealers. Using pointed weapons, they attacked until several police officers received stab wounds, while Bripka Taufik Hidyat and Jefri’s informant, another name Cibe, died because they sank in the Ciliwung River while trying to protect themselves from being beaten up. The bodies of the two victims were found in their position the next day. When the police do the tracking.

Rico at that time dared to fight the police who would arrest him with a firearm belonging to Iptu Prabowo which disappeared during a drug ambush in Matraman. Previously the police had asked Rico to surrender in this detention. However, Rico always dared to fight the police in order to escape. The local community also corrected that there was a fire between the police and Rico.”

The actor (Rico) carries a firearm and fights against law enforcement,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Jakarta Metro Police, Kombes Angket Mohammad Iqbal in Jakarta, Friday, January 22, 2016. The Head of Drug Basis for the Central Jakarta Police, AKBP Robert Sitinjak, met resistance from the defendant Rico. Because he resisted, Central Jakarta Police Chief Kombes Police Hendro Pandowo had a dialogue through the “sound” car so that Rico gave himself or the police took clear actions if Rico always resisted.

Rico always fights, so the Mobile Brigade Base of the Metro Police manage to get into Rico’s shelter and take clear action.” The actor with the nickname Rico was paralyzed and determined to be dead by the earth,” said Iqbal. The police also shot dead Proozya Keagungan, another name for Ade Badak, who was predicted to be one of the persecutors of the Senen Police when they raided the drug dealer’s house in Cawang, East Jakarta.


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